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 Microbead 'I-Tip' 

No Heat.
No Glue.
No Mess.

What makes Mermaid Hair Extensions the best?

Mermaid Extensions are the most natural looking extensions and are the highest quality of human hair extensions. Each extension is handmade by a mermaid. Mermaid Extensions are twice as thick as any other hair extensions on the market and twice as special because you can customize the color however you’d like. Simply put, you get exactly what you want.​​

Mermaid Hair Extensions at Shear Thairapy Salon near DFW, Texas

Mermaid extensions are the highest quality hair extension you can find on the market. Unlike other hair extension techniques, Mermaid Extensions don’t require heat or harmful chemicals during your service or as maintenance. Mermaid Hair Extensions are made with Remy hair and uses the microbead, also known as I-Tip, technique. Remy hair extensions are widely known to be the highest quality human hair because the cuticles remain intact and are not stripped, like most other non-Remy extensions.

Whether you’re looking to get long hair fast or just to add a little more volume to your hair, Mermaid Hair Extensions are definitely the way to go! Your Mermaid Extensions are painless when they are installed and shouldn’t feel heavy at all after installation. We suggest having shoulder length, or longer, hair for the most natural look with your hair extensions. The shorter your hair is, the more strands/bags will need to be installed.

Is this better for my hair than other types of hair extensions?

Mermaid Hair Extensions use the microbead, otherwise known as I-Tip, technique. The microbead technique uses a non-slip microbead to attach the extension to your existing hair. The tip is so thin that it looks like the tip of a shoelace. The hair extensions are attached by using a loop tool and microbead. No heat, glue or harmful chemicals needed! Beaded extensions are semi-permanent and last, on average, 6 to 8 months and up!

Mermaid Extensions

  1. Consultation: Required
    Consultations are complimentary, as well as necessary, in order to discuss your color. All bags are handmade and customized just for you.
  2. Mini Mermaid: (3) Bags
    Customized Luxury 24" Remy Hair Hair: $915 + Labor Install: $250
  3. Regular Mermaid: (4) Bags
    Customized Luxury 24" Remy Hair Hair: $1,515 + Labor Install: $250

= $1,165.00

= $1,465.00

  1. Mini Mega Mermaid: (5) Bags
    Customized Luxury 24" Remy Hair Hair: $1,515 + Labor Install: $275
  2. Mega Mermaid: (6) Bags
    Customized Luxury 24" Remy Hair Hair: $1,815 + Labor Install: $300
  3. Maintenance: 6-8 Weeks
    As the hair grows, the hair has to be brought up.

= $1,790.00

= $2,115.00


*Installation includes professional cut & style.

*I-Tip extensions last 6-10+ months depending on maintenance and care. 

*Each strand is 2 grams each (that's double of most on the market!)

*For every Mermaid you refer for a full set of extensions, you can earn 
$75 off a maintenance session.

*Extension Removal: $65 & up